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Fuller Brush Sweepers

If you're constantly sweeping the floor due to add-ons (like creaks and vibrations), this is the brush for you! The fuller brush sweepers are made of high-quality, durable plastic and are available in colors that will make your cleaning a success. They are easy to close with a magnet, so you can keep them close at hand. And if you need to move from one area to another, the brush grates make it easy to move through the hair without having to go through the entire area.

The electrostatic sweeper is perfect for cleaning up your space fuller brush electrostatic carpet sweeper. With its sonic technology and electromechanical system, this sweeper can move quickly and easily through multiple pieces of furniture.

Free Shipping Fuller Brush Sweepers

This is a full system cleaner that can be used for both hard and soft floors. The electrostatic carpet sweeper leaves a gentle film on the surface it is attacking without pam or other harsh chemicals. This leaves your floor looking and feeling like new.
this is a heavy duty floor sweeper that comes with a fuller brush. This sweeper is perfect for cleaning up a mess in a hurry. The heavy duty fabric is perfect for tough clean up.
the fuller brush sweepers are perfect for cleaning areas that are frequently used or those that are new. This machine can do it all, including doing a perfect job on a fresh minty clean surface. The 9 differentpaths give you complete control over how to use the brush, making it the perfect choice for those who are new to cleaning.